Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child old enough for private piano lessons?

Students may be ready at the age of five while some may need to wait a couple of years. It’s ideal for students to begin private piano lessons at a young age only if they’re ready. Contact Ms. Kathleen to discuss whether or not your child might be ready to start: (832) 603-7171.

What kind of instrument do we need?

An acoustic piano (i.e. an “old-fashioned, wooden piano” – a non-electric instrument) is a requirement to have before starting private lessons through The Piano Spot because keyboards result in slower progress, poor technical development and an inability for students to produce quality piano tone in performances.

Students who receive top marks from judges are typically students who have acoustic pianos at home and are very consistent with practicing and attending lessons.

Where do we find a piano? 

There are several local piano stores in the greater Houston area that sell and rent used and new pianos. See the “Resources” section of this website for more information.

There are many affordable used pianos. It is not true that electric instruments are always cheaper. You can also find used pianos through private sellers on Craig’s List, Next Door, Facebook, etc.

Can you tell us which piano to buy or help us pick one out? 

Piano teachers aren’t the appropriate resource to consult when buying a piano because they are not piano salespeople; salespeople at piano stores are more knowledgeable in this field and can guide you in your decision making.

How much will my child be expected to practice?

Students will be expected to practice a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes at least 5-6 days per week; daily is best. If they practice less than that, their progress will be very slow. For new beginners or very young students, they will work up to that amount (starting with 10 minutes per day and then slowly increasing it over weeks).

What specific aspects of piano playing do you teach and what materials do you use?

The Piano Spot places a strong emphasis on a well-rounded music education and solid technical development but also recognizes that different families and students have different goals and preferences. Therefore, different method books and materials are used based on a student’s strengths and weaknesses, preference and goals.

The Piano Spot only uses music that is Copyright compliant in the studio and teaches students that Copyright compliance is important and a legal requirement.  Thus, there will be occasional fees that families pay for the purchase of legal music.